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Four Dimensional Topology

November 24 -- November 26, 2017
Room E408, Department of Mathematics, Osaka City University

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== November 24 (Fri) ==

13:30--14:10 Hokuto Konno (The University of Tokyo)
Characteristic classes of bundles of a 4-manifold via gauge theory

14:25--15:05 Masaki Taniguchi (The University of Tokyo)
Instantons for 4-manifolds with periodic end and an obstruction to embeddings of 3-manifolds

15:20--16:00 Hironobu Naoe (Tohoku University)
Infinite family of corks having large shadow-complexity

16:15--16:55 Shigeru Takamura (Kyoto University)
Group actions and a geometry based on stabilizers

17:10--17:50 Takayuki Okuda (The University of Tokyo)
Layer construction of multi-dimensional splitting families of degenerations of Riemann surfaces
(joint work with Shigeru Takamura)

== November 25 (Sat) ==

09:30--10:10 Kouki Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
$\nu^+$-equivalence class of genus one knots

10:25--11:05 Yuanyuan Bao (The University of Tokyo)
The Alexander polynomial of a colored trivalent graph and its MOY-type relations
(joint work with Zhongtao Wu)

11:20--12:00 Hisaaki Endo (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Introduction to trisections of 4-manifolds

13:40--14:30 Wataru Yuasa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
The classification of genus 2 trisections via Heegaard diagrams of S^3: a review

14:45--15:25 Kenjiro Sasaki (Kyoto University)
Quotient families of the Klein curve associated with representations of $PSL_2 (\mathbb{F}_7)$
(joint work with Shigeru Takamura)

15:40--16:20 Mizuki Fukuda (Tohoku University)
On representations of a certain class of fibered 2-knots

16:35--17:15 Celeste Damiani (Osaka City University)
Moving towards unexplored motion groups

== November 26 (Sun) ==

09:30--10:10 Kenta Hayano (Keio University)
New counterexamples to Stipsicz's conjecture on fiber-sum indecomposable Lefschetz fibrations
(joint work with Refik Inanc Baykur and Naoyuki Monden)

10:25--11:05 Toshifumi Tanaka (Gifu University)
On composite symmetric unions

11:20--12:00 Kimihiko Motegi (Nihon University)
Slice genera versus Seifert genera of knots in twist families
(joint work with Kenneth L. Baker)

13:40--14:30 Kouki Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Bridge trisections of knotted surfaces

14:45--15:25 Kokoro Tanaka (Tokyo Gakugei University)
A relation between biquandle colorings and quandle colorings
(joint work with Katsumi Ishikawa)

Organizers: Seiichi Kamada, Kouichi Yasui and Takao Matumoto
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