The 18th OCUIC was closed successfully. Organizing members sincerely appreciate all attendees. Thank you so much!

Congratulations! Poster awards!

Kyu-Sung Jeong Award: Aiko Fujita

Best Poster Award: Naoki Oya

Best Poster Award: Takuya Sagami


Prof. Yasuyuki TSUBOI (Osaka City Univ.)

Prof. Tetsuro SHINADA (Osaka City Univ.)




Prof. Hiroaki MISAWA

(Hokkaido Univ., Japan)

Registration (Deadline: 26th Feb., 2015 20th Feb., 2015)

Details of Registration here

Registration fee: No Charge

Reception fees: \5,000 JPY (see registration page)

How to Registration

Please contact Tatsuya Shoji by e-mail (e-mail: t-shoji@sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp) to attend the conference. When you send an e-mail, please include the required information below.

  • (1) Name (First Name, Family Name): ex. Tatsuya Shoji
  • (2) E-mail address: ex. t-shoji@sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp
  • (3) Organization: ex. Graduate School of Science, Osaka City Univ.
  • (4) Title (Choose Student/Staff/Other): ex. Staff(Lecturer)
  • (5) Attend Reception party(Choose YES/NO): ex. YES


The 18th Osaka City University International Conference (18th OCUIC) will be held in Sugimoto Campus of Osaka City University (OCU) on 9th March 2015. This conference is organized by Graduate School of Science at OCU. The 17th OCUIS was very successful to collect over 30 attendees.

The conference aims to present and learn about frontiers in material science.

The conference will also provide scientific and professional networking as well as scientific inspiration discuss to the attendees.


7th Mar., 2015: Oral program is update. here. [pdf file]

27th Feb., 2015: Poster program is update here. [pdf file]

17th Feb., 2015: Oral program is update

13th Feb., 2015: Poster program is now available.

2th Feb., 2015: Tentative program is now available

2th Feb., 2015: Registration page open, and a tentative program is available.

30th Dec., 2014: Launched web pages for 18th OCUIC.

Important date (JST timezone)

26th Feb., 2015 20th Feb., 2015: deadline for registration (Registration page)