The 8th OCU International Workshop on Advanced Molecular Science and Chemistry:Highlight Lectures of the 2005 Academic Year
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9:30- 9:35
Prof. David J. Lurie, University of Aberdeen, UK
gRecent Advances in Electron-Spin MRIh
D. Shiomi, Dept. of Mat. Sci., PRESTO-JST
gSupramolecular Designing of Nucleobase-Substituted Radicals as Models for Bio-Inspired Molecule-Based Magnetsh

H. Miyake, Dept. of Chem
gCoordination Chemistry-Based Approach for Helicity Induction and Dynamic Inversionh
S. Yamago, Dept. of Chem., PRESTO-JST
gRecent Developments in Living Radical Polymerization Using Organoheteroatom Compoundsh

13:00- 13:30 
Y. Morita, Osaka University, PRESTO-JST
gUnprecedented Dynamic Properties in Purely Organic Open-Shell Systems Based on Phenalenylh
13:30- 14:00
T. Nishioka, Dept. of Mat. Sci.
gComplexes of a Sulfur-bridged Macrocyclic Polypyridine Ligandh
14:00- 14:30
K. Sato, Dept. of Chem., CREST-JST
gImplementation of Molecular-Spin Quantum Computing by Pulsed ENDOR Techniqueh

14:45- 15:15
T. Shinada, Dept. of Mat. Sci.
gThe First Total Synthesis of 5,6,11-Trideoxytetrodotoxinh
15:15- 15:45
S. Shinoda, Dept. of Chem.
gAnion Responsive Luminescence of Lanthanide Complexesh
15:45- 16:15 
I. Miyahara, Dept. of Chem.
gX-ray Crystallographic Study of Enzymes on Amino Acid Metabolic Pathways of Thermus Thermophilus HB8h
16:15- 16:45
S. Itoh, Dept. of Chem.
gBioinorganic Chemical Approaches for Selective Hydroxylation of Hydrocarbonsh
16:45- 17:00

The lectures by Y. Morimoto and by T. Yatsuhashi, Dept. of Chem. have been cancelled.