2005 Academic Year (1 Apr. 2005 to 31 Mar. 2006)
No.1 2005/4/12 "Excited-state Dynamics and Imaging by Space- and Time-resolved Laser Spectroscopy" Prof. Naoto Tamai (Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan) 
No.2 2005/4/14 "Living Carbocationic Polymerization for the Synthesis of Novel Surface-modified Biomaterials" Prof. Judit E. Puskas (The University of Akron, USA) 
No.3 2005/4/14 "A Lifetime in Luminescence" Dr. Andrew Beeby (University of Durham, U.K.) 
No.4 2005/4/18 "Photosystem II Particle and Four-Dimensional Structural Genomics" Prof. Nobuo Kamiya (Osaka City University, Japan) 
No.5 2005/5/11 "Metal Cluster Complexes as Mediators of Electronic Communications: from Solution Properties to Surface Modulators" Prof.Yoichi Sasaki ( Hokkaido University, Japan)
No.6 2005/5/23 "Total Synthesis of Natural Product Possessing Higher Order Structure: Strategy and Tactics" Prof. Masaaki Miyashita ( Hokkaido University, Japan)
No.7 2005/5/23 "Biomimetic Synthesis of Fused Polycyclic Ethers via Polyepoxide Oxacyclizations; Prof. Frank E. McDonald (Emory University, USA))
No.8 2005/5/30 "Spin Crossover Behaviors of Iron Complexes with a Tripodal Ligand Containing Imidazole Groups" Assoc. Prof. Takehiko Mori (Okayama University, Japan)
No.9 2005/6/2 "Bioinorganic Approaches toward Biological Metal Functions" Prof. Hideki Masuda (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
No.10 2005/6/7 "Exotic Organic Conductors with Specific Value of Band Filling" Prof. Masaaki Kojima (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
No.11 2005/6/13 "Lanthanide Complexes: Control of Eletronic Transition Processes and Photo-Functions" Assoc. Prof. Yasuchika Hasegawa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
No.12 2005/6/28 "Unprecedented 1,4-Sila- and Stannatropy : Generation of 1,3-Dipoles and Its Application to Heoterocycle Synthesis" Prof. Mitsuo Komatsu (Osaka University, Japan)
No.12 2005/7/5 "Micelles of amphiphilic block copolymers in aqueous solutions" Prof. Pratap Bahadur (South Gujarat University, India)
No.13 2005/7/7 "Mechanisms of protein fibrillation" Prof. Daniel Otzen ( Aalborg University, Denmark)
No.14 2005/7/13 "Molecular Spin Systems as Studied by Solid-State High-Resolution Multinuclear NMR" Prof. Sadamu Takeda ( Hokkaido University, Japan)
No.15 2005/7/22 "HIGH-NUCLEARITY COPPER(II) COMPLEXES" Prof.A. R. Chakravarty (Indian Institute of Science, India)
No.17 2005/8/23 "Spin and quadrupole correlations of the Mott insulating phase of spinor cold bosons in optical lattices" Prof. G. M. Zhang (National Tsing Hua University, China)
No.18 2005/9/9 "A Systematic Chemistry of Metallaboranes. From Early to Late Transition Metals" Prof. Thomas P. Fehlner(University of Notre Dame, USA)
No.19 2005/9/16 "Samarium diiodide and samarium ion-promoted reactions"Prof. Jim-Min Fang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
No.20 2005/9/27 "Chemistry of Metallabenzenes and Valence Isomers: New Ligands, New Metals, New Insights"Prof. Michael M. Haley (University of Oregon, USA)
No.21 2005/9/30 "Chemometrics and Information chemistry-- Speciation of species from photospectroscopic data and extraction of pollutants from environmental data --" Prof.Toru Ozeki (Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Japan)
No.22 2005/10/11 "Applications of lasers in physics and chemistry in Khlopin Radium Institute" Prof. Igor Izosimov (Khlopin Radium Institute, Russia)
No.23 2005/10/14 "Recent Progress in Total Synthesis of Macro"Prof. Rich G. Carter (Oregon State University, USA)
No.24 2005/10/17 "Molecular strategy of flavoenzymes in reactivity tuning" Prof. Retsu Miura (Kumamoto University, Japan)
No.25 2005/10/20 "Compounds of Ru/Os with bonds to Si/Sn" Prof.L. J. Wright (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)
No.26 2005/10/21 "Acyclic and Cyclic Aminophosphonic Acids: Asymmetric Syntheses Mediated by Chiral Sulfinyl Auxiliary"Prof. Marian Mikolajczyk(Polish Academy of Science, Poland)
No.27 2005/11/1 "Organic/Inorganic hybrid catalyst with B12 Enzyme functionality" Prof. Yoshio Hisade (Kyushu University, Japan)
No.28 2005/11/4 "Overviw of Organic Semi-conductors - Organic Light Emmiting Diodes, Organic Semi-conductor Lasers and Organic Field Effect Transistors" Prof. Yoshio Taniguchi (Shinshu University, Japan)
No.29 2005/11/7 "evelopment of Nano-scaled pai-Conjugated Oligothiophenes and Their Application" Prof.Yoshio Aso (Osaka University, Japan)
No.30 2005/11/16 "Electric conduction on the interface of insulators:LaAlO3/SrTiO3" Prof. Noriaki Hamada (Tokyo University o Science , Japan)
No.31 2005/11/18 "Control of Higher Order Structure of DNA by Rational Molecular Design" Prof. Shizuaki Murata (Nagoya University, Japan)
No.32 2005/11/24 "Helicity Induction and Switching: New Approach Using Labile Transition Metal Complexes" Assoc. Prof. Yukihiro Miyake (Osaka City University, Japan)
No.33 2005/11/24 "Iron Complex Catalyst Which Introduces a Cyano Group in Acetonitrile into Carbonyl Compounds and Consideration of Its Intermediate" Dr. Masumi Itazaki (Osaka City University, Japan)
No.34 2005/11/24 "Effect of Water on a Bio-inspired Oxidation Catalyst" Dr. Yoshimitsu Tachi (Osaka City University, Japan)
No.35 2005/11/24 "Vitamin B2 or B6 dependent Enzyme Structure and Function" Dr. Ikuko Miyahara (Osaka City University, Japan)
No.36 2005/11/24 "Magnetoresistance of Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductors and 1D-2D Crossover of Electronic System" Dr. Harukazu Yoshino (Osaka City University, Japan)
No.37 2006/1/24 "Application of Conventional and Fluorescence Detected Circular Dichroism for Structural Analysis of Natural Products" Prof. Nina Berova (Columbia University, USA)
No.38 2006/2/13 "Genome Chemistry and the Future of Biotechnology Industry" Prof. Isao Saito (Nihon University, Japan)
No.39 2006/2/13 "Chemistry and Topology" Prof. Hiroshi Ogino (University of the Air, Japan)
No.40 2006/3/9 "Molecular Spin Science and Spin Technology: Molecule-Based Spin Quantum Computers,
beyond Organic Magnetism" Prof. Takeji Takui (Osaka City University, Japan)
No.41 2006/3/9 "Toward the Development of New Synthetic Reactions: Three Years' Efforts" Prof. Shigeru Yamago (Osaka City University, Japan)
No.43 2006/3/31 "Dark states in photochemical cis-trans isomerization and pericyclic reactions" Dr. Werner Fuss (Max-Planck-Insitute for Quantum Optics, Germany) CANCELLED

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