Greetings from the Dean (Hiroshi NAKAZAWA)

 The weave of nature may seem strange or complicated at first sight. However, there is always a legitimate law or theory behind it. When the mechanism is revealed, people are impressed, wisdom is accumulated, and humanity progresses. Learning to spot the truth from nature, that is "Science". Catching a glimpse of a law of nature can make the heart sing. This feeling will then be the driving force for the next study, leading again to a new truth. This intellectual chain encourages the development of science and technology, bringing a significant contribution to society, and has made our current way of life possible.

 The Osaka City University Faculty of Science covers a wide range of fields: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and geosciences, and aims to understand the laws of nature. The Faculty consists of five departments exploring the five academic fields above. The Faculty also has one of the largest botanical gardens in Japan. The doctoral course of the Graduate School of Science is one of the oldest doctoral courses in Japan and is made up of three domains: Mathematics and Physics, Molecular Materials Science, and Biology and Geosciences, covering a wide range of disciplines in natural sciences from the atom to the universe. The Graduate School also houses the Advanced Mathematical Institute, which was established as part of the 21st Century Center of Excellence program. The Graduate School is internationally renowned for its outstanding research and education. A symbol of this is Distinguished Professor Emeritus Yoichiro Nambu, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2008.

 Nature does not show the whole picture immediately. However, sharpening the mind, catching small clues sent by nature, and taking advantage of existing knowledge can provide us with part of the truth. Our hearts will sing when we can communicate with nature. The Faculty and Graduate School, together with you, will try to find a way to figure out the laws of nature, and support you so that you can experience that excitement.

 As part of a leading public university, the Faculty and Graduate School are devoted to support the public good by providing graduates to government agencies, the educational sector, research institutes, and industry, as well as by dispatching faculty members for education and advice. At the same time, the Faculty and Graduate School will continue to promote cutting-edge research in multiple disciplines for the scientific understanding of nature, thereby providing the public with a source of pride and dreams for the future. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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