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Toric Topology 2011 in Osaka

Dates : November 28 (Mon) -- November 30 (Wed), 2011

Venue : General Education Building, Lecture Room 832 (Mon & Wed) & 833 (Tue), Osaka City University

Program : pdf (Nov. 17 version)

Abstract : pdf (Nov. 25 version)

This meeting is an activity of the bilateral program between Japan and Russia: “Toric topology with applications in combinatorics”

Notice : After "Toric Topology 2011 in Osaka", there is "The 10th Pacific Rim Geometry Conference 2011" at Osaka City University and Kyushu University.

Conference photos Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 (uploaded on Dec. 7, 2011)

Problems on toric topology pdf (Jan. 13, 2012 version)

 November 28 (Mon) 

  9:30--10:00 Haibao Duan (Chinese Academy of Science) 
     Schubert calculus and Cohomology of Lie groups  (Slides)

 10:20--10:50 Shizuo Kaji (Yamaguchi Univ)
      Constructing a Schubert-like basis for GKM G-manifolds   
 11:10--11:40 Yukiko Fukukawa (Osaka City Univ.)
       The cohomology ring of the GKM graph of a flag manifold  (Slides)
  12:00--12:30 Hiroaki Ishida (Osaka City Univ. Advanced Math. Institute)
      Complex torus manifolds (Slides)

  2:30--3:00 Aonton Ayzenberg (Moscow State Univ.)
          Nerve-complexes of nonsimple polytopes

  3:20--3:50 Ivan Limonchenko (Moscow State Univ.)
          Bigraded Betti numbers of some simple polytopes

  4:10--4:40 Akihiro Higashitani (Osaka Univ.)
          Ehrhart polynomials of multi-polygons

  5:00--5:30 Seonjeong Park (KAIST)
          Projective bundles over 4-dimensional toric manifolds

  5:50--6:20 Suyoung Choi (Ajou Univ.)
          Invariance of Pontrjagin classes of torus manifolds  (Slides)

 November 29 (Tue)

  9:10--9:40 Takahiko Yoshida (Tokyo Denki Univ)
        Equivariant local index   (Slides)

  10:00--10:30 Yuri Ustinovsky (Moscow State Univ)
         Characteristic numbers of quasitoric manifolds from the combinatorial point of view  (Slides)

  10:50--11:20 Anna Abczynski (Hausdorff Inst.)
         On the polarisation of manifolds  

  11:40--12:10 Mayumi Nakayama (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
         NilBott Tower of aspherical manifolds and Torus actions  (Slides)
  12:30--1:00 Shintaro Kuroki (Osaka City Univ. Advanced Math. Institute)
         Infrasolv real moment-angle manifolds  (Paper)
   3:00--3:30 Abe Hiraku (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
         On the rational $T$-equivariant cohomology of the weighted Grassmannians   (Slides)

   3:50--4:20 Tomoo Matsumura (KAIST.)
         Moment-angle complex and integral cohomology of toric orbifolds   (Slides)

   4:40--5:10 Li Yu (Nanjing Univ. & Osaka City Univ.)
         On transition functions of topological toric manifolds   (Paper in arXiv)

   5:30--6:00 Ivan Arzhantsev (Moscow State Univ.)
         The automorphism group of a variety with torus action of complexity one   

  6:30--   Party  (Restaurant on the 1st floor of Media Center)

 November 30 (Wed) 

   9:10--9:40 Nickolai Erokhovets (Moscow State Univ.)
         Toric topology of polytopes with few facets   
  10:00--10:30 Wei Wang (Fudan Univ.)
       On the topological decomposition of non-singular hypersurfaces in projective toric manifolds   (Slides)

  10:50--11:20 Soumen Sarkar (Indian Statistical Inst)
         A class of torus manifolds with nonconvex orbit space   (Paper) 

  11:40--12:10 Jerome Tambour (KAIST)
       Geometry of moment-angle complexes  (Slides)
  12:30--1:00 Yaroslav Bazaikin (Sobolev Math. Inst.)
         Riemannian metrics with positive Ricci curvature on moment-angle manifolds   (Slides)

List of participants Anna Abczynski (Hausdorff Institute, Germany) Hiraku Abe (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan) Ivan Arzhantsev (Moscow State Univ., Russia) Anton Ayzenberg (Moscow State Univ., Russia) Yaroslav Bazaikin (Sobolev Mathematical Institute, Russia) Victor Buchstaber (Steklov Mathematical Institute & Moscow State Univ., Russia) Suyoung Choi (Ajou Univ., Korea) Haibao Duan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) Nickolai Erokhovets (Moscow State Univ., Russia) Yukiko Fukukawa (Osaka City Univ., Japan) Dmitry Gugnin (Moscow State Univ., Russia) Yasuhiro Hara (Osaka Univ., Japan) Megumi Harada (McMaster Univ., Canada) Miho Hatanaka (Osaka City Univ., Japan) Akihito Higashitani (Osaka Univ., Japan) Tatsuya Horiguchi (Osaka City Univ., Japan) Taekgyu Hwang (KAIST, Korea) Hiroaki Ishida (Osaka City Univ. Advanced Mathematical Institute, Japan) Shizuo Kaji (Yamaguchi Univ., Japan) Yoshinobu Kamishima (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan) Yael Karshon (Toronto Univ., Canada) Shintaro Kuroki (Osaka City Univ. Advanced Mathematical Institute, Japan) Hideya Kuwata (Osaka City Univ., Japan) Eunjeong Lee (KAIST, Korea) Changzheng Li (IPMU, Japan) Ivan Limonchenko (Moscow State Univ., Russia) Zhi Lu (Fudan Univ., China) Mikiya Masuda (Osaka City Univ., Japan) Tomoo Matsumura (KAIST, Korea) Teruko Nagase (Osaka Univ., Japan) Mayumi Nakayama (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan) Tetsu Nishimoto (Kinki Health Welfare Univ., Japan) Yasuzo Nishimura (Fukui Univ., Japan) Taras Panov (Moscow State Univ., Russia) Seonjeong Park (KAIST, Korea) Soumen Sarkar (ISI, India) Jongbaek Song (KAIST, Korea) Dong Youp Suh (KAIST, Korea) Jerome Tambour (KAIST, Korea) Yuri Ustinovsky (Moscow State Univ., Russia) Wei Wang (Fudan Univ., China) Masamichi Yoshida (Osaka City Univ., Japan) Takahiko Yoshida (Tokyo Denki Univ., Japan) Li Yu (Osaka City Univ. & Nanjing Univ., Japan & China)

Accommodations Kansai Kenshu Center Osaka City University Guest House
Guide to Japan and access to the Kansai Kenshu Center and the Osaka City University Guest House Guide to Japan for Foreign Participants (Dr. Megumi Harada, 2006)
Useful link The Manchester Toric Topology Page
Organizer: Mikiya Masuda (e-mail: masuda[at] Shintaro Kuroki Hiroaki Ishida Yukiko Fukukawa (Osaka City University)