大阪市立大学・大学院理学研究科・細胞機能学研究室 マイコプラズマグループ


Dr. Tetsuya Takeda, Okayama University
竹田 哲也 博士(岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科)
Mechanism of membrane remodeling by dynamin and elucidation of congenital myopathy pathogenesis caused by its abnormality
on 20180223

Dr. Midori Shimada, Yamaguchi University
島田 緑 博士(山口大学共同獣医学部)
visited our lab
on 20171230

Dr. Kenichi Sano, Nippon Institute of Technology
佐野 健一 博士(日本工業大学工学部) Nanobiotechnology imitating living things and learning from materials ~ Creation of DDS carrier in high efficiency cell ~
生物を倣い、材料から習うナノバイオテクノロジー ~高効率細胞内DDSキャリアの創製~
on 20171219

Dr.Toshiaki Arata, Osaka City University
荒田 敏昭 博士 (大阪市立大学)
Structure and motion of proteins catched by electron spin resonance = reaction × motion ÷ electron
on 20171215

Prof Robert Robinson, IMCB Singapore &
Okayama University
The Evolution of Actin Filament Systems
on 20170915

Dr.Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Gakushuin University
木下 佳昭 博士(学習院大学物理学科西坂研究室)
Novel behaviors of bacterial and archaeal flagella
on 20170731

Prof. Piotr Fajer, Florida
State University, USA
working on structures of
motility proteins visited us
after AWEST2017 held in
Awaji island
on 20170622

Dr. Hiroyuki Noji, Tokyo University
野地 博行 博士(東京大学工学研究科)
Is it possible to create innovation from single molecule biophysics?
on 20170518

Dr. Yi-Wei Chang, California Institute of Technology
Architecture of type IVa and IVb pilus machines
on 20170323

Dr. Isamu Suetake, Osaka University
末武 勲 准教授(大阪大学蛋白質研究所)
Elucidation of molecular mechanism for heredity without change in nucleotide sequence (approach using new technique)
「塩基配列の変化を伴わない遺伝」の分子機構解明 (新手法を用いたアプローチ)
on 20170217

Dr. Shuichi Nakamura, Tohoku University
中村 修一 博士(東北大学工学研究科)
Motility mechanism of bacteria enlisting sticky stuff
on 20160826

Miss Ksenia Nosova, Saint Petersburg University – St.Petersburg Russia
Quick freeze replica electron microscopy of yeasts
Party on 20160805

Dr Tâm Mignot, CNRS-Aix Marseille University – Marseille France
The Myxococcus xanthus motility complex: moving parts and fixed anchor points
on 20160329

Dr. Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Gakushuin University
木下 佳昭 博士(学習院大学物理学科西坂研究室)
Motility of archaeal flagella different from flagella of Eucaryote or Procaryote
on 20160112

Dr. Kazunori Kawasaki, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
川崎 一則 博士(産業技術総合研究所)
Seeing cell membrane and nanostructures in water using quick freeze replica technique
on 20150930

Dr. Satoshi Shibata, Nagasaki University
柴田 敏史 博士(長崎大学医歯薬学総合研究科)
Gliding machinery of Flavobacterium johnsoniae
滑走細菌Flavobacterium johnsoniae の滑走運動マシナリー
on 20150803

Dr. Masaki Osawa, Duke University Medial Center, North Carolina
Liposome division by a bacterial contractile ringe
on 20150401

Prof. Noriyuki Kodera, Kanazawa University
古寺 哲幸 准教授(金沢大学理工研究域バイオAFM先端研究センター)
High-speed atomic force microscope capable of video taking liquid nanometer world
on 20150213

Dr. Shintaro Seto, Hamamatsu University school of Medicine
瀬戸 真太郎 博士(浜松医科大学感染症学講座)
Parasitic strategy of Mycobacterian tuberculosis bacillus elucidating from vesicular transport mechanism of macrophage
on 20141226

Dr. Hiroaki Yamanaka, Osaka University
山中 洋昭 博士(大阪大学大学院生命機能研究科)
Pigment patterning of zebrafish and an intrinsic chirality of melanophore
on 20141222

Dr. Hirofumi Wada, Ritsumeikan University
和田 浩史 准教授(立命館大学理工学部物理科学科)
Switching a helix between clockwise and counterclockwise: Art or trick?
on 20140911

Dr. Fumio Hayashi, Gunma University
林 史夫 助教(群馬大学大学院理工学府分子科学部門)
Control mechanism of nanoscale structural change learning from flagellar filaments of Salmonella
on 20140905

Ms. Marie Trussart (Centre for Genomics Regulation, Barcelona)
The three-dimensional genome structure of Mycoplasma pneumoniae
on 20140801

Dr. Munehito Arai, University of Tokyo.
新井 宗仁 准教授(東京大学大学院総合文化研究科)
Structural dynamics and functional design of proteins.
on 20140717

Dr. Chikara Kaito, University of Tokyo
垣内 力 准教授(東京大学大学院薬学系研究科)
Functional RNA controlling Streprococcus aureus pathogenisity
on 20140704

Prof Yoko Toyoshima, University of Tokyo.
豊島 陽子 教授(東京大学大学院総合文化研究科)
Self controling mechanism of dynein.
on 20140626

Dr Clothilde BERTIN, Osaka City University.
Characterization of Exopolysaccharides,Pathogenic Determinants Secreted by Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides, Agent of the  Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia.
on 20140516

Dr Morgan Beeby (Imperial College London)
What structural dissection of bacterial flagellar motors in situ tells us about molecular mechanism and evolution
on 20140402

Dr. Daisuke Nakane, Gakusyuin University.
中根 大介 博士(学習院大学理学部)
Bacteria moving by tank-like mechanism
on 20140224

Dr. Jun Kashiwazaki, Gakushuin University.
柏﨑 隼 助教(学習院大学理学部生命科学科) Ghost of fission yeast -In vitro study on mechanisma of contractile ring-
on 20140214

Dr. John E Heuser, M.D., Director, Electron Microscopy Center, WPI Institute for Cell and Material Sciences ('iCeMS'), Kyoto University.
How can we image frozen cells best in the electron microscope?
on 20140120

Dr. Satoshi SHIBATA (Nagasaki Univ)
柴田 敏史 博士 (長崎大学歯学部)
Structure and dynamics of gliding machinery of Bacteroidetes bacteria
on 20130826

Prof Howard C. Berg
(Harvard University) Adaptation at the output of the chemotaxis signaling pathway
on 20131101

Dr. Shin HARUTA (Shuto Univ Tokyo)
春田 伸 博士 (首都大学東京理工学研究科)
Physics and ecology of gliding Chloroflexus Aggregans
on 20131210

Dr. Yasushi OKADA (QBic Riken)
岡田 康志 博士 (理化学研 QBic)
Why motor molecules do not get lost in cell?
on 20131226

Dr. Shoichi Metsugi (Chugai Pharmaceutical. Co., Ltd.)
The 2nd award for outstanding BIOPHYSICS paper from Japanese Society of Biophysics
on 20130810

Dr. Shigeyuki KAKIZAWA (AIST)
柿澤 茂行 博士(産業技術総合研究所)
Studying bacteria difficult to culture by using genome manipulation
on 20130806

Dr. Katsuya SHIMABUKURO (National Institute of Technology, Ube College)
島袋 勝弥 博士(宇部工業高等専門学校物質工学科)
in vitro reconstitution of amoeba motility apparatus using Ascaris sperm
Ascaris精子をもちいたアメーバ運動装置のin vitro再構成
on 20121121

Dr. Katsuhiko KAMADA (Riken)
鎌田 勝彦 博士(理化学研究所)
Control mechanism of bacterial SMC protein
on 20121015

Dr. Barbara M. Calisto (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
A structural biology approach to unravel the functioning of Mycoplasma genitalium terminal organelle
on 20121011

Great Atsuko (Alumuna) and her sons visited us suddenly
on 20121010

Joshua W. Shaevitz PhD (Princeton University)
Collective pattern formation and group behaviors from molecules to populations
on 20120919

Dr. Takeharu NAGAI (Osaka Univ)
永井 健治 博士(大阪大学産業科学研究所)
A story of "small number biology"
on 201208401

Dr. Keiko SATO (Nagasaki Univ)
Gliding and secretion in Bacteroidetes bacteria

Dr. Masafumi KOIKE (Osaka Univ)
Structural analyses of type IVB secretion apparatus by electron microscopy

Dr. Thoru MINAMINO (Osaka Univ)
Energy generating mechnism of protein transporter in bacterial fragella
on 20120629
Dr. Takayuki NISHIZAKA (Gakushu-in Univ)
Imaging Structure and Function of Motor Proteins under Advanced Optical Microscopes
on 20120404

Dr. Yusuke MORIMOTO (Osaka Univ)
(High spec rotary motor governed by bacteria)
on 20110513

Prof. Fuyuki ISHIKAWA (Kyoto Univ)
Bridges over troubled water
on 20101020

Dr. Noriyuki KODERA (Kanazawa Univ)
(Possibilities of fast AFM on study of mycoplasma gliding)
on 20101021

Dr. Khoji TAKAMATSU (Setsunan Univ)
(Localization and functions of proteins involved in Bacillus subtilis spore)
on 20101122

Prof. Eisaku KATAYAMA (Chiba Univ)
(Conformational changes on myosin head coupled with actin sliding)
on 20110303

Dr. Masafumi KOIKE (Nagoya Univ)
(Studies on structures and functions of Vibrio flagella motor)
on 20110314

Prof. Toshio ANDO (Kanazawa University)
(Direct visualization of protein behaviors in function)
on 20091120

Prof. Vincenzo ACQUAILANTI (University of Perugia) & Toshio Kasai (Osaka University)
Non-Arrhenius temperature dependence of plant respiration and bacterial gliding
on 20100219

Masafumi KOIKE (Nagoya Univ.)
(Isolation and analysis of structure of Na+driven flagella motor of marine-derived Vibrio)
on 20100426

Prof. Chikara SATO (AIST)
透過電顕と走査電顕を用いたタンパク質・細胞の新しいイ メージング法
(New methods for visualizing proteins and cells using transmission and scanning electron microscopy)
on 20100730

Prof. Tsutomu SUZUKI (Univ. Tokyo)
(Biosynthesis of tRNA modifications and decoding mechanism of genetic codes)
on 20100908

Midori Shimda (Nagoya City University)
(Roles of novel modification of Histon, phosphorylation of HS-T11 on controling transcription and premature aging.) on 20090206

Katsunori Yogo (Waseda University)
(Direct visualization of magic-like reaction of type II topoisomerase.) on 20090319

Shlomo Rottem (The Hebrew University-Hadassah medical School)
Interaction of Mycoplasma hyorhinis with melanoma cell.
on 20090430.

David W. Andrews (McMaster University)
Embedded Together: the life and death consequences of Bcl-2 family proteins interactions with membranes.
on 20090529

Tsuyosi Kenri (National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
Inclusive mapping of cellular localization of Mycoplasma pneumoniae proteins by fluorescence protein tagging.
on 20090530.

Shintaro Seto (Hamamatsu Univ.)
Seminar: 結核菌感染マクロファージにおける膜小胞輸送機構のイメージ解析
(Mycobacterium, Fluorescence Microscopy, Cytokine)
on 20070427

Grant Jensen (Calfornia Institute for Technology, USA)
Seminar: How electron cryotomography is opening a new window into bacterial and viral ultrastructure
on 20070913

Hirofumi Wada (Kyoto University)
Seminar: It does make sense. -スピロプラズマの泳ぎ方-
(It does make sense. -Model for Spiroplasma swimming-)
on 20071122

Takashi Shimizu (Kurume University)
Seminar for PhD: ヒトマイコプラズマ肺炎の要因であるリポタンパク質の同定
(Identification of pneumonia-causing lipoproteins from Mycoplasma pneumoniae.)
on 20080321

Hiroshii Okamoto (Tohoku University)
(Teraheltz and minute generation of electrical energy.)
on 20081123

Takahiro Nitta (Gifu Univ.)
Seminar: キネシン・微小管分子シャトル運動のシミュレーション
(Kinesin, Molecular Shuttle, Simulation)
on 20061222
Picture is not related perfectly.

Satoshi Shibata (CREST Soft Nanomachine Project, Japan)
Seminar: FliK, the determinant of flagella hook length
on 20061225

Jonathan Ferooz (Univ. of Namur, Belgium)
Seminar: The Flagellar Structure and Regulation in Brucella
on 20070307

Charles Lesoil (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Seminar: Mycoplasma, AFM, Measurement of Binding, etc
on 20070405

Mayuko Okabe (CREST JST & Osaka Univ., Japan)
Seminar: べん毛輸送装置タンパク質FliIのN末側領域によるATPase活性調節機構
(Flagella, FliI, ATPase)
on 20070221