Welcome to Ultracold Quantum Gas Lab in Osaka City University!

Cooling things reduces the number of "states" that a material can have, and as a result, reveals the characteristics of each quantum mechanical state. A good example is the Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC), which is obtained by cooling Bose particles to cryogenic temperatures. The theme of our laboratory is to cool the atomic gas isolated in the electromagnetic potential to cryogenic temperature, and to explore the new form of matter.

Recent news

2020.02.06 Mr. Ohmae defended his master thesis. Congratulations!
2019.10.23 The homepage was updated.
2019.10.7 Prof. Horikoshi gave an invited talk at an international ECT* workshop “Universal physics in Many-Body Quantum Systems - From Atoms to Quarks”
2019.09.27 Prof. Horikoshi gave an invited talk at an international conference SCES'19
2019.09.21 Prof. Horikoshi gave an invited talk at a joint workshop on New academic field "Cluster hierarchy" "Quantum beam application" Joint detector workshop.
2019.09.19 Mr. Ohmae (M2) gave a poster presentation at "Atom no Kai".
2019.09.19 Prof. Inouye gave a lecture on "scattering" at "Atom no Kai".
2019.09.17 The program of "Atom no Kai", a research group for cold atoms, is posted.(pdf)
2019.09.13 Mr. Janek Fleper gave an oral presentation at the Physical Society of Japan.
2019.09.11 Prof. Horikoshi made an oral presentation at the Physical Society of Japan on spectroscopic experiments on Feshbach molecules.
2019.08.27 Workshop and Etc pages have been updated.
2019.08.21 A paper on invariant verification of electron-proton mass ratio has been published from Nature Communications!(See Research page)(Press release
2019.04.01 Dr. Munekazu Horikoshi was appointed as a specially-appointed associate professor. Welcome!
2019.03 Mr. Hase's master's thesis presentation and Mr. Tanizawa's bachelor thesis project were successfully completed. Congrats!
2018.10.10 Janek Fleper of the University of Bonn will participate in the experiment as a special research student for a year.
2018.03.25 Mr. Hase (M1) gave an oral presentation on oscillating magnetic field imaging at the Physical Society of Japan.
2018.03 Mr. Futamura's master's thesis and Mr. Ohmae's and Mr. Kobayashi's bachelor thesis have been successfully completed. Congrats!
2018.02 Video of MOT has been released.
2017.04.20 A paper on Efimov resonance has been published from Physical Review Letters!
2017.03 Mr. Seki, Mr. Hase, and Mr. Uchimura have defended their bechelor thesis project. Congrats!
2016.10.26 We submitted a paper on Efimov resonance and posted it on arXiv(arXiv:1610.07900).
2016.09.09 We held a talk by Dr. Shimpei Endo of Monash University.
2016.07.20 This is an announcement of the intensive lecture (7/20~22) and coloquium (7/21) by Professor Yuki Kawaguchi from Nagoya University.
2016.05.11 The experimental apparatus has been brought into the C building of the Faculty of Science.
2016.04.01 Three new students, Seki-kun, Hase-kun, and Uchimura-kun have joined as a 4th year student. Welcome!
2016.04.01 Dr. Kohei Kato has joined as a specially appointed assistant professor. Welcome!
2016.03.03 Mr. Futamura and Mr. Yano have successfully defended their bachelor thesis. Congrats!
2016.03.01 Experimental equipment has been brought into the C building of the Faculty of Science.
2015.04.01 Mr. Futamura and Mr. Yano joined as 4th year students.
2015.04.01 Ultracold Quantum Gas Laboratory has started at Osaka City University!