Proceedings of the 29th Symposium on Commutative Algebra in Japan, Nagoya, Japan, November 19 - 22, 2007

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  • Tokuji Araya, Auslander-Reiten conjecture on Gorenstein rings, pp. 181-183
  • Aldo Conca, Cohen-Macaulay property of graded rings associated to contracted ideals in dimension 2, pp. 25-31
  • Aldo Conca, Koszul algebras and Gr\"obner bases of quadrics, pp. 127-133 (revised March 2009)
  • Shiro Goto, Satoru Kimura, Naoyuki Matsuoka, and Tran Thi Phuong, Quasi-socle ideals in local rings with Gorenstein tangent cones, pp. 73-82
  • Shiro Goto, Koji Nishida, and Kazuho Ozeki, Sally modules of rank one, pp. 59-68
  • Tadahito Harima and Akihito Wachi, Generic initial ideals, graded Betti numbers and $k$-Lefschetz properties, pp. 107-120
  • Futoshi Hayasaka, A family of graded modules associated to a module, pp. 83-92
  • Naoya Hiramatsu and Yuji Yoshino, Remarks on equivalences of additive subcategories, pp. 169-173
  • Shin-ichiro Iai, A modification of Ikeda's theorem, pp. 93-96
  • Kei-ichiro Iima and Yuji Yoshino, Gr\"obner bases for the polynomial ring with infinite variables and their applications, pp. 163-167
  • Osamu Iyama, Kiriko Kato, and Jun-ichi Miyachi, Quotient categories of homotopy categories, pp. 185-193
  • Ken-ichiroh Kawasaki, Several results on finiteness properties of local cohomology modules over Cohen-Macaulay local rings, pp. 19-24
  • Kyouko Kimura, Analytic spread of squarefree monomial ideals, pp. 69--72
  • Kazuhiko Kurano, Symbolic Rees rings of space monomial curves in characteristic $p$ and existence of negative curves in characteristic $0$, pp. 135-145
  • Shigeru Kuroda, Shestakov-Umirbaev reductions and Nagata's conjecture on a polynomial automorphism, pp. 195-202
  • Mitsuhiro Miyazaki, Invariants of the unipotent radical of a Borel subgroup, pp. 43-50
  • Hideaki Morita, Akihito Wachi, and Junzo Watanabe, The differential module of the polynomial ring with the action of the symmetric group, pp. 121-126
  • Satoshi Murai, Gotzmann ideals of the polynomial ring, pp. 157-162
  • Saeed Naseh and Yuji Yoshino, Ring extensions of AB rings, pp. 175-179
  • Koji Nishida, An upper bound on the reduction number of an ideal, pp. 51-57
  • Masahiro Ohtani, On $G$-local $G$-schemes, pp. 207-214
  • Nobuharu Onoda, On codimension-one $\mbox{\boldmath $A$}^{1}$-fibrations over Noetherian normal domains, pp. 33-41
  • Shunsuke Takagi, F-thresholds, tight closure, integral closure, and multiplicity bounds, pp. 1-7
  • Ryo Takahashi, Contravariantly finite resolving subcategories over a Gorenstein local ring, pp. 97-105
  • Ryuji Tanimoto, An algorithm for computing generators of $\mathbb{G}_a$-invariant rings, pp. 203-205
  • Naoki Terai and Ken-ichi Yoshida, Stanley-Reisner ideals which are complete intersections locally, pp. 9-17
  • Kei-ichi Watanabe, Classification of $2$-dimensional normal graded hypersurfaces with $a(R)=1$, pp. 215-225
  • Kohji Yanagawa, Linearity Defect and Regularity over a Koszul Algebra, pp. 147-156
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    Organizers: Mitsuyasu Hashimoto (Nagoya University) and Ken-ichi Yoshida (Nagoya University, currently Nihon University)
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