From Kansai International Airport to Tennoji Station

There are two railway companies, JR and Nankai.
From Kansai Airport to Tennoji, take JR line (not Nankai line).

1. Buy ICOCA card or buy a ticket for 1,060 yen at ticket vending machines in the JR station.
(We recommend you buy ICOCA card, please see "How to use JR line" below)

2. Take an express "Kansai Airport Rapid Service" (called Kanku Kaisoku) of JR line.

3. Get off at Tennoji Station (it takes about 50 minutes from Kansai kuko to Tennoji).
Please see also Route map

How to use JR line

Please see JR-WEST Usage Guide
We recommend you buy ICOCA card at ticket vending machines with ICOCA mark. If you buy ICOCA, you don't have to buy a ticket each time after that.
About ICOCA, please see the page: "What is ICOCA?"
About how to use ICOCA, please see the page: "How to use ICOCA"

Hotel "Toyoko INN Abeno Tennoji (東横 INN あべの 天王寺)"

Please see the home page of Toyoko INN Abeno Tennoji and the map.

How to get to Hotel Toyoko INN Abeno Tennoji from JR Tennoji Station

1. Get out from "the central ticket gate (中央改札口)" of JR Tennoji Station and turn left, and then go straight.

2. If you see the stairs of the pedestrian bridge, then go up the stairs.

3. After going up the stairs, turn right , and then go straight.
Then go down the stairs which is nearby "docomo"(Don't go to HARUKAS 300 or Q's MALL).

4. After going down the stairs, go straight to the west along Abiko-Suji roard for about 5 minutes.
After passing APA Hotel and VIA INN hotel, then you see Toyoko INN Abeno Tennoji on your right.


Osaka City University, Sugimoto Campus, Media Center and Library 10F, Conference Room L
Please see Sugimoto Campus map

How to get to Osaka City University from JR Tennoji Station

1. If you don't have ICOCA card, then buy a ticket for 180 yen at ticket vending machines.

2. Take a local train of JR Hanwa line. (阪和線)
(The trains leave from Platform 8 or 7)
Don't take express trains since only local trains stop at Sugimotocho Station.

3. Sugimotocho Station is the sixth stop from Tennoji Station. At Sugimotocho Station, get out from the East Exit and turn right.
Then you see Osaka City University.