Labolatory of Physics of Elementary Excitations, Faculity of Science, Osaka Metropolitan University

Activeties of Tsubota's group

BossMakoto Tsubota
LecturerHiromitsu Takeuchi
Specially Appointed Assistant ProfessorSatoshi Yui
Post DoctorSahar Hejazi
D3Sosuke Inui
D2Tomo Nakagawa
D2Yuto Sano
D1Kenta Asakawa
M2Weican Yang
M2Gamu Asaka
B4Issei Doki

**The ultimate goal of research**
Letting all human beings know the wonderfulness of physics and condensed matter physics

**A setup of a research theme**
1.��The theme in which I am interested
2.��The theme considered to be important at the tip of the field now.
The theme which filled both 1 and 2 will be taken up.

Recent topics

Gallery of numerical simulations