Greetings from the Dean (Makoto TSUBOTA)

It's up to you to reveal the secrets of nature to the world! Science is exciting.


 The natural environment is full of strange and wonderful things. Attempting to learn her secrets reveals universal truths hidden in the background. When careful consideration and experimentation are added, we begin to see true nature through the subterfuge. The field of natural sciences has developed in this way. Natural sciences are academic disciplines that universalize and systematize mysteries lurking in the depths of nature through logic and reasoning. Natural science is the foundation upon which modern science and technology has been established. Without science, technology would not advance, and today’s civilization would not exist.

 Nature will not reveal herself to us if we do not endeavor to learn her secrets. It takes deep penetrating thought and consideration to learn the secrets of nature. This is the aim of study and research conducted by the Faculty of Science. This kind of study differs substantially from the kinds of study undertaken to pass university exams or to gain skills to solve problems. Regardless of how hard they may be to solve, the solutions to problems in a workbook are known by the person or persons who created them. Research in the field of science deals with mysteries of nature and is oriented toward solving problems which have not yet been solved (problems that instructors do not know the answers to and cannot be solved by searching the Internet)

 We are really impressed by those who attempt to unravel the mysteries of nature, regardless of how far they get. This is the main motivation for furthering scientific research. Scientists accumulate wisdom in the process and contribute to the advancement of natural sciences. The Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Science hope to contribute to the development of natural sciences by enabling as many university and graduate school students as possible to experience the thrill of scientific research.

Faculty of Science / Graduate School of Science of Osaka City University

 The Faculty of Science consists of the five subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geosciences. The Graduate School of Science organically fuses those five subjects into three majors: study of mathematics/physics, molecular materials science, and biology and geosciences. The Graduate School of Science is one of the graduate schools that established doctoral programs at an early time in Japan, covering almost every field of science and is one of the leading centers for education and research in Japan. The Graduate School of Science leads the world in a large number of quality studies, as exemplified by Yoichiro Nambu winning the Nobel Prize for physics in 2008.

From Osaka to the world

 Globalization is currently essential in various fields, but scientific study of the principles of nature is a global discipline without borders. The results of research conducted here have been published in many international academic journals. Each year around one hundred instructors as well as students are sent overseas to conduct experiments, investigations and make presentations at international conferences. Scientific research involves participating in international activities and helps students develop a global perspective.

 As part of a public university, the Faculty of Science also contributes to the local community. The department supports local high school education by participating in programs such as our own original “Osaka City University classes for high school students who like mathematics and science” and Super Science High Schools (SSH). The department holds various symposiums open to the public and participates in lifelong learning education programs. The department also supports application of technologies in the region and contributes to development of the local community in various ways through these activities.

Future of the Faculty of Science / Graduate School of Science of Osaka City University

 The world is currently in a state of instability and flux, making it difficult to foresee the future. In this age of rapid change, which demands the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, the Faculty of Science is enthusiastically involved in various initiatives to lead the way rather than lagging behind the times. We must also not forget that natural sciences have supported the development of mankind for millennia. In this age of deepening confusion, we hope to maintain the dignity of the Faculty of Science in its quest to learn the truth without being swept by ephemeral trends and superficial reform. Integration of Osaka City University with Osaka Prefecture University is currently under consideration. No matter what happens, however, the Faculty of Science plans to continue to serve as the platform for scientific education and research for the university.

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