Miyata lab

私たちは,壮大なスケールの研究を,想像を超えたスマートさで遂行し,人材が幼虫の様に育つ研究室を目指しています.マイコプラズマ滑走運動(Mycoplasma mobileMycoplasma pneumoniae)やスピロプラズマ遊泳運動(Spiroplasma eriocheiris)を含むモリクテス綱(Class Mollicutes)の運動能を研究する,私たちの全てをここに記載しました.

Our goal is to establish a lab where researches are performed with a grand scale and unimaginable smartness, and human resources grow like larvae. All around us, studying on Motility in Class Mollicutes including Mycoplasma gliding (Mycoplasma mobile and Mycoplasma pneumoniae) and Spiroplasma swimming are introduced here.


What's NEW

2021/06/17 mBioに掲載された,卒業生小林昂平さんの論文が7つのサイトで取り上げられ,YouTubeの動画でも紹介されました.(詳細はこちら
A graduate, Kohei Kobayashi's paper published in mBio was featured on seven websites and was also introduced in a YouTube video. (Link
2021/06/15 研究員のイシル・トゥルムさんと田原悠平さんの論文が日本顕微鏡学会の第36回論文賞を受賞し,2021年度学術講演会にて授賞式と田原さんによる授賞講演が行われました.
Dr. Isil Tulum and Yuhei Tahara were awarded the 36th Best Paper Award of the Japanese Society of Microscopy.The award ceremony and the award lecture by Tahara were held at the 2021 annual meeting.
2021/06/10 理化学研究所の川上恵典研究員との共同研究の論文が,Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Bioenergeticsに掲載され,プレス発表されました.(詳細はこちら, こちら
A collaboration paper with Dr. Keisuke Kawakami of RIKEN has been published in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Bioenergetics and the press was announced. (Link, Link
2021/05/28 卒業生,小林昂平さんの論文がmBioに掲載されました.金沢大学の古寺哲幸先生との共同研究の論文で,プレス発表され,全学ウェブサイトに掲載されました.(詳細はこちら, こちら
A graduate, Kohei Kobayashi's paper was published in mBio. It is a collaboration paper with Dr. Noriyuki Kodera (Kanazawa univ.) and was announced in the press and introduced on the university-wide website. (Link, Link
2021/05/23 卒業生,水谷雅希博士(産総研)が,日本マイコプラズマ学会第48回学術集会において優秀発表賞を受賞しました.
A graduate, Dr. Masaki Mizutani (AIST) was awarded “Best Presentation Award” at the 48th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Mycoplasmology.
2021/05/06 生物地球系の藤田憲一先生との共同研究の論文がantibioticsに掲載されました.(詳細はこちら
A collaboration paper with Dr. Fujita (Division of Biology and Geosciences) became open in a journal, "antibiotics". (Link
2021/04/26 ウェブサイトをリニューアルしました.スマートフォン対応になり,内容も整理されました.
Our website has been renewed. Compatible with smartphones and the contents have been reorganized.
2021/04/06 卒業生,中根 大介博士(電通大)が,令和3年度科学技術分野の文部科学大臣 若手科学者賞を受賞しました.(詳細はこちら
Dr. Daisuke Nakane (Univ. of Electro-Communications) received The Young Scientists’ Award of the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2021. (Link
2021/03/31 藤原郁子博士が、長岡技術科学大学の准教授にご栄転されました。更なるご活躍を期待しています.
Dr. Ikuko Fujiwara has been promoted to Associate Professor at Nagaoka University of Technology. We look forward to her further success.
2021/03/25 D1の高橋大地さんのオンデマンド口頭発表が,第94回日本細菌学会総会で「優秀発表賞」を受賞しました.(詳細はこちら
Daichi Takahashi (D1), was awarded “Best Presentation Award” at the 94th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Bacteriology for his on-demand oral presentation. (Link