Miyata lab

私たちは,壮大なスケールの研究を,想像を超えたスマートさで遂行し,人材が幼虫の様に育つ研究室を目指しています.マイコプラズマ滑走運動(Mycoplasma mobileMycoplasma pneumoniae)やスピロプラズマ遊泳運動(Spiroplasma eriocheiris)を含むモリクテス綱(Class Mollicutes)の運動能を研究する,私たちの全てをここに記載しました.

Our goal is to establish a lab where researches are performed with a grand scale and unimaginable smartness, and human resources grow like larvae. All around us, studying on Motility in Class Mollicutes including Mycoplasma gliding (Mycoplasma mobile and Mycoplasma pneumoniae) and Spiroplasma swimming are introduced here.


What's NEW

2023/05/16 Scienceを出版しているアメリカ科学振興協会,AAASの皆さんが研究室を訪問してくれました.(詳細はこちら
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the publisher of Science, paid a visit to our laboratory.(Link
2023/05/05 博士研究員 高橋大地さんの論文がJournal of Biological Chemistryで発表されました.(詳細はこちら
Postdoctoral researcher Daichi Takahashi’s paper has been published in Journal of Biological Chemistry.(Link
2023/04/14 宮田が組織委員長を務める第24回国際マイコプラズマ学会学術集会の参加登録の締め切りが4/14から4/28へ延長になりました.世界のマイコプラズマと合成細菌の研究者に会う絶好の機会です.お見逃しなく.(詳細はこちら
The deadline for registration for the 24th Congress of the International Organization for Mycoplasmology (IOM), for which Miyata serves as a chair of the Local Organizing Committees, has been extended from April 14 to April 28. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with researchers of mycoplasmas and synthetic bacteria from all over the world. Don't miss it!(Link
2023/04/01 中国からの留学生、涂力悦さん、そして3名の4年生、金森智士君、小田七星さん、高石 龍君が仲間に加わりました.これからの活躍を期待します.
Liyue Tu, a master's student from China, and three fourth-year students Satoshi Kanamori, Nanase Oda, and Ryu Takaishi have joined our lab. We look forward to their success.
2023/03/30 日本マイコプラズマ学会から,国際マイコプラズマ学会との連携学会への参加助成の募集が始まりました.(詳細はこちら
The Japanese Society of Mycoplasmology has begun accepting applications for grants for participants in the 24th congress of IOM in association with the 50th meeting of JSM.(Link
2023/03/17 第96回日本細菌学会総会で4年生の田中芳樹くんが優秀発表賞を受賞しました.(詳細はこちら, こちら
Yoshiki Tanaka, a fourth-year student, received the Best Presentation Award at the 96th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Bacteriology.(Link, Link
2023/03/16 第96回日本細菌学会総会の総会長シンポジウムで,宮田が発表とコンビ―ナを行いました.(詳細はこちら
Miyata was one of the conveners of the presidential symposium at the 96th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Bacteriology, where he also gave a presentation.(Link
2023/03/15 私たちの研究が,Scientific Americanの記事として取り上げられました.(詳細はこちら, こちら
Our research was featured in an article in Scientific American.(Link, Link
2023/03/15 D3の高橋大地さんの論文が新しい雑誌,microPublicaion Biologyで発表されました.(詳細はこちら
Daichi Takahashi (D3)’s paper has been published in a new journal, microPublicaion Biology. (Link
2023/02/28 細菌やアーキアの運動能を研究するための方法をまとめた本が出版になりました.阪大の南野さんと難波先生のお手伝いをしました.共同研究者や運動マシナリーメンバーの章でいっぱいです.(詳細はこちら
A book on methods for studying motility in bacteria and archaea has been published. We worked with Dr. Minamino and Dr. Namba at Osaka University. The book is filled with chapters by collaborators and members of the motility machinery.(Link