Miyata lab

私たちは,壮大なスケールの研究を,想像を超えたスマートさで遂行し,人材が幼虫の様に育つ研究室を目指しています.マイコプラズマ滑走運動(Mycoplasma mobileMycoplasma pneumoniae)やスピロプラズマ遊泳運動(Spiroplasma eriocheiris)を含むモリクテス綱(Class Mollicutes)の運動能を研究する,私たちの全てをここに記載しました.

Our goal is to establish a lab where researches are performed with a grand scale and unimaginable smartness, and human resources grow like larvae. All around us, studying on Motility in Class Mollicutes including Mycoplasma gliding (Mycoplasma mobile and Mycoplasma pneumoniae) and Spiroplasma swimming are introduced here.


What's NEW

2022/04/04 “研究パラダイス”を自負する私たちの研究室の秘書さんを募集しています.(詳細はこちら
We are looking for a secretary for our laboratory, which we call "Research Paradise". (Link
2022/04/01 2013-2017年に特任助教を務めてくれた浜口 祐さんが,東北大学の准教授に栄転しました.これからも期待しています.(詳細はこちら
Dr. Tasuku Hamaguchi, who was a specially appointed assistant professor from 2013-2017, has been promoted to associate professor at Tohoku University. We look forward to hid further success from now on. (Link
2022/03/23 私たちがよく使っている医学部のクライオ電子顕微鏡,Talos F200Cに使うためにSimpleOriginのクライオホルダーを導入しました.さらなる効率化を図ります.(詳細はこちら
We installed a SimpleOrigin cryo holder for use with the Talos F200C cryo electron microscope that we often use at the School of Medicine.We will further improve efficiency. (Link
2022/03/05 卒業生,小林昂平さんの論文がbio-protocolに掲載され,表紙に選ばれました.(詳細はこちら, こちら
A graduate, Kohei Kobayashi's paper has been published in bio-protocol and selected for the cover. (Link, Link
2022/03/03 宮田がゲノム微生物学会でシンポジウム発表を行いました.有意義な三時間でした.(詳細はこちら
Miyata gave a presentation at the symposium of the Society of Genome Microbiology. It was a meaningful three hours. (Link
2022/03/01 3年生の田中芳樹くん,三村萌音さん,湯浅 永くんが配属されました.これからの活躍が期待されます.
Third-year students Yoshiki Tanaka, Mone Mimura, and Haruka Yuasa have been assigned to our lab. We wish for their future success.
2022/02/16 宮田が遊泳する合成細菌についてオンラインセミナーを行いました.有意義な二時間でした.(詳細はこちら, こちら
Miyata gave an online seminar on swimming synthetic bacteria. It was a useful two hours. (Link, Link
2022/01/31 1月27日に生物学科3年生を対象に行った研究グループ紹介のビデオをYouTubeチャンネルで公開しました.(詳細はこちら
A video introducing our research group to third-year biology students on January 27 is now available on our YouTube channel. (Link
2022/01/18 CRESTプロジェクトのサイトビジット(研究室視察)を現地とリモートのデュアルで行いました.有意義な一日でした.
We had a dual site visit for CREST project, on-site and remote. It was a very productive day.
2021/12/25 論文投稿時に行っている秘密の儀式”アクセプトダンス”にtwitterの”いいね”が約1500つきました.(詳細はこちら
The "Acceptance Dance," a secret ritual we perform when submitting papers, has received about 1,500 "likes" on Twitter. (Link
2021/12/23 D2の高橋大地さんが,公益財団法人小野奨学会から研究活動優秀者と成績優秀者としてそれぞれ表彰されました.
Daichi Takahashi (D2) received an outstanding research activities award and an outstanding academic achievement award from Ono Scholarship Foundation.
2021/12/21 CREST Miyata teamのAnnual meetingをZoomで行いました.有意義な一日でした.次回は対面がよいです.
Annual meeting of CREST Miyata team was held via Zoom. It was a very useful day. We hope to have a face-to-face meeting next time.