Purpose and Overview

 In April 2019, Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute (OCAMI) has been authorized as a MEXT Joint Usage/Research Center.

In April 2022, Osaka City University and Osaka Prefecture University merged to establish Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU). Accordingly, our institute changed its name to Osaka Central Advanced Mathematical Institute (OCAMI).

  Since the 21st Century COE Program, OCAMI has maintained joint research and research exchange with domestic and foreign universities, and built international and domestic networks. Based on past achievements, OCAMI will further develop its activities to a new stage. We provide new international research and education by collaboration and co-creation of mathematics and theoretical physics; exchange talented researchers through the international and domestic networks; and build a world-leading research and education center in the fields of mathematics and theoretical physics with the aim of further strengthening and developing the foundation of academic research, creating new research, and fostering young international researchers. From fiscal 2022 in the new university, OMU, there will be a new structure for collaboration and co-creation among researchers in mathematics and mathematical sciences from Osaka City University and those from Osaka Prefecture University. In addition to the Mathematics Division and the Theoretical Physics Division, we are going to establish the Division of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, and the Applied Mathematics Research Group. We will take a cross-sectional approach to these research groups and promote the creation of new mathematics that integrates with various fields of mathematical sciences.

OCAMI Joint Usage/Research projects

  Since the fiscal year 2019, as a part of the Joint Usage/Research project, we have announced call for proposal of research projects for each fiscal year. The call for proposal consists of three types (1),(2) and (3) as follows, and is aimed at joint usage/research corresponding to the above research areas.  

  For details, please see the application form in the page Call for proposals. For the list of Joint Usage/Research, please see the page Joint Usage/Research.