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Our goal is to establish a lab where researches are performed with a grand scale and unimaginable smartness, and human resources grow like larvae. All around us, studying the fundamental principles of cells and motility in life on Earth are introduced here.


What's NEW

2024/06/11 東北大に栄転した豊永さんの論文をbioRxivで公開しました.Mycoplasma mobile滑走運動のモーター構造をクライオ電子顕微鏡を用いて3.2 Åの分解能で解明しました.(詳細はこちら, こちら
Dr. Toyonaga, who has moved to Tohoku University, has published a paper on bioRxiv, in which he elucidated the motor structure of Mycoplasma mobile gliding motion at 3.2 Å resolution using cryo-EM.(Link,Link
2024/06/04 日本顕微鏡学会第80回学術講演会でM2の湯浅 永さんがポスター賞を受賞しました.
Haruka Yuasa (M2) received the Poster Award at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Microscopy.
2024/06/01 研究員のキラン・ジャリルさんの論文がMicroscopyで発表されました.(詳細はこちら
Researcher Kiran Jalil's paper has been published in Microscopy.(Link
2024/05/31 第51回日本マイコプラズマ学会学術集会で博士研究員の木山 花さんとM1の小田七星さんが優秀発表賞を受賞しました.
Postdoctoral researcher Hana Kiyama and Nanase Oda (M1) received the Best Presentation Award at the 51st Meeting of Japanese Society of Mycoplasmology.
2024/05/28 D3の福島秀実さんの論文がBiophysics and Physicobiologyで発表されました.(詳細はこちら
Hidei Fukushima (D3)’s paper has been published in Biophysics and Physicobiology.(Link
2024/05/17-18 つくばで行われた日本マイコプラズマ学会で10件の発表を行いました.楽しく有意義な2日間でした.今後の研究の方向性を考える良い機会にもなりました.(詳細はこちら
Ten of us gave presentations at the Japanese Society of Mycoplasmology held in Tsukuba. It was an interesting and meaningful two days. It was also a good opportunity for us to think about the future direction of our research.(Link
2024/05/13 宮田がBuild-a-Cellワークショップで発表しました.1997年からマイコプラズマの運動を研究をしていること,生体運動の起源を知るためsyn3を研究していること,などを説明しました.公開ビデオ集は,合成生物学の研究者を知るのに役立ちます.(詳細はこちら
Miyata gave a presentation at the Build-a-Cell workshop, explaining that we have been studying mycoplasma motility since 1997 and that we are studying syn3 to understand the origin of biological motility. A collection of videos is available to help you get to know the researchers in synthetic biology.(Link
2024/04/03 助教の豊永さんと博士研究員の高橋さんが栄転,木山さんが博士研究員になりました.新体制での展開にもご期待ください.
Assistant Professor Takuma Toyonaga and Postdoctoral Researcher Daichi Takahashi have each moved to different universities, and Hana Kiyama has become a postdoctoral researcher of our lab. We are looking forward to the development under the new organization.
2024/04/03 工学部の尾島由紘さん達との共同研究の,大腸菌膜小胞に関する論文が公開されました.急速凍結レプリカ電子顕微鏡法で貢献しました.(詳細はこちら, こちら
A paper on membrane vesicles of Escherichia coli, which was done in collaboration with Dr. Yoshihiro Ojima and his group in the Graduate School of Engineering, has been published. We contributed to this work by using quick-freeze replica electron microscopy.(Link,Link
2024/03/22 育志賞授賞式を学長に報告しました.大学のサイトでとりあげてもらいました.(詳細はこちら
We reported the award ceremony of the Ikushi Prize to the president of the university. The award ceremony was featured on the university's website.(Link