OCAMI Preprint Series 2020

20-1 Naoki Hamamoto
Sharp Hardy-Leray inequality for solenoidal fields
April 28, 2020. (PDF)
20-2 Naoyasu Kita
Existence of blowing-up solutions to some Schrodinger equations including nonlinear amplification with small initial data
June 05, 2020. (PDF)
20-3 Naoyasu Kita and Shoji Shimizu
A system of Schrodinger equations with single delta-functions as initial data in n space dimension
June 05, 2020. (PDF)
20-4 Naoyasu Kita and Yoshihisa Nakamura
L^∞ decay estimate and asymptotic behavior of solutions to 1D Schrodinger equations with long range dissipative nonlinearity
June 05, 2020. (PDF)
20-5 Naoyasu Kita and Chunhua Li
Decay estimate of solutions to dissipative nonlinear Schrodinger equations
June 05, 2020. (PDF)
20-6 Naoki Hamamoto
Sharp Rellich-Leray inequality with a radial power weight for solenoidal fields
June 17, 2020. (PDF)
20-7 Naoki Hamamoto and Futoshi Takahashi
Sharp Hardy-Leray inequality for curl-free fields with a remainder term
June 17, 2020. (PDF)
20-8 Asato Mukai and Yukihiro Seki
Refined construction of type II blow-up solutions for semilinear heat equations with Joseph-Lundgren supercritical nonlinearity
July 10, 2020. (PDF)

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